How do you start your day?

Usually, I wake up, then get up...I pee if I have to pee. If I don't, I wait...
Then I go to the kitchen, I prepare an orange juice, I eat a fruit or something, then I drink my coffee and I smoke a cigarette, or I go to the bar to have coffee, cigarette, glass of water, and watch people.
I buy bread or what I need in the moment, and if I have time I do a few laps around the quarter.
Later, I eat, think, listen to music, draw...kiss, I get on the computer, I work...I survive.

What is your current obsession?

Would it be possible have back all the friends and comments in my Facebook profile? (which they closed it a week ago for a couple of pictures/porn links)?
Nah, i'm joking...
I don't know what is my obsession of the moment…I guess the fear, the fear of loosing... Or increasingly realize that all of us, unconsciously or not, are
victims of the system and the society. We are always prepared to stick to the first distraction, trying to avoid thinking about true problems, and leaving them without any solution.
And another thousand things that probably would be too long and a little pessimistic to say right now.

How does your obsession inform your work?

In an elusive way.
I'm trying to get away from those, I guess....my drawings, for example are, for me, a moment of complete isolation from the world.
They are images without space, without time...Only boys that I like and who I attempt to develop an intense relationship. It is as if I were bringing to life, the images that have been around me since I was little: my desires, my fantasies, my intimacy....
So I want the whole thing to be as clean and positive as possible.
And the same thing with taking pictures, doing make-up, or "working", I do it all in a very personal way.

Do you have a celebrity crush?

Celebrity crush??!!??

What was your first job?

Let's see...I don't know, I think I have to make a distinction.
My first experience in what can be called work were my days working in a bar, handing out flyers or making paintings on commission.
The rest of the things I´ve done in my life (inside or outside the word "work")
are things that I've lived as something entirely innate in me: starting from pose as a model in an art school in Florence, taking some pictures to do flyers, posing as model in Greg Gorman's Workshop in L.A. or creating images that are pure art in the most natural way (like the pictures with Luigi for Luigi&Luca’s project (www.luigiyluca.com).
Whether drawing, choosing clothes to wear...
That's my life, my job, and me...can be a bit banal, but true.

What is your most important accomplishment to date?

Mmmmh...I don't know, actually...It might seem a little pathetic, but I think one of the greatest things that I received in my life has been to find and meet Luigi, put together our personalities and abilities and build an interesting and strong project as Luigi & Luca.
It started two years ago in a very natural and spontaneous way. The strength of our two worlds converted into one.
I've done so many things, some more important, other a little less...but the importance of each one depends also of the affective level.
A couple of examples that are most significant for me:

a. Luigi & Luca and all that the project involves: exhibitions, collaborations, publication.

b. To be photographed for the Dazed & Confused magazine.

c. To collaborate with fashion designer Komakino.

d. Shoot a spot for a perfume

e. a publication of a book

What is your favorite smell?

Well, my favorite smells are:
the smell of warm bread fresh from the oven, rain, feet of a pretty boy after a day with running shoes...the smell of the clothing of a loved person, freshly scrubbed floor, the smell of your own house, sauteed onions, the smell of spring autumn
and Christmas....cotton candy, and the smell of sweat of the perineum....

Your longest relationship with someone (how many months, years?)

I guess it was with my first girlfriend: I was 16 and lasted up 3 years.
Well, in general I can say that I have not lasted more than 2 ½ years with a person.

What are you working on now?

I just shot a spot as a secondary character, I'm doing some fashion editorials, and I have others photo shoots to do... plus drawing in between everything.
What time of the day ( or night) you feel more creative?
I draw more in the evenings....
By night I spend a lot of time looking for ideas, news and stuff on the internet.
I observe and think all day.

The worst pick up line someone told you?

What always make me laugh is when people say I look like a "southern" boy, typical boy town of southern Italy.

The best compliment someone gave you?

I loved a comment by a friend of mine in Madrid (he's 2 years younger than me),.... was more or less like this:
"When i grow up i wanna be like Luca"... so fun!

What's your favorite color?

One of my favorite color has always been black.
I like black and white.
But also the mid-tones, "dirty" colors, and nude colors.

Do you were your heart on your sleeve?

I think you should always do everything with the heart.
hahahhaha romantic thing!
Actually you don't know how time I've spend trying to understand this question,
and I'm still thinking that I didn't understood it properly.

If you can do one thing, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Well, keep doing what I do, but with a little more money and quiet!

What are you doing once the interview is over?

I think I'll cut a friend's hair, then I'm going to shave me, send some mail, meet my friend Manuel Albarran and buy flights to Barcelona and Italy..After that, I don't know... whatever comes..