Luca Guarini was born in Taranto, a region in the south of Italy, august the 5th, 1986. He started so young in the artistic world, he participated in numerous contests in his province, always obtaining prizes from critics and first places, and he made works by order as well. He decided to join the ¨Accademia di Belle Arti¨ and he mostly went to painting lessons. The city reveals emblematic for the young artist, and his skills are exploited, valued but above all recognized. He started that way his true and proper journey in arts, characterized by a strong evolution of his artistic evolution, quite versatile. While studying, he began her modeling career, working in an american school of painting and posing for young students of the academy. His image begins to move more aggressively. After several art projects, he returns to the origins, coming strongly to freehand drawing. Like the first love is never forgotten, it has not been difficult to recover old projects , but always on the list of "things to do, things to start over, or things I will do sooner or later." Of course, if anyone wanted to describe it , surely would not use the term "stability." He lives and works between Madrid and Berlin.

Carla Masdeu: Model and stylist, what made you jump into the drawing world?

Luca Guarini: Rather Model and photographer, stylist and makeup is more like a hobby.
The world of design has not been for me a leap into a new experience, I can even say that I am really born for this. In fact, last summer I graduated in Fine Arts (painting) in Florence.
I paint since I was two, it was always my main passion. I have participated in many competitions, various exhibitions, won many awards, etc.. You could say that I have always been in touch with this world. Two years ago I went much more to the world of photography, which is another thing that always fascinated me. Especially when I realized that many photographers asked me to pose as a model for them, thus making my curiosity and sensitivity to this field grow, leaving a little aside my "roots." And now, after two years, I understand that it is time to return to them, and join both. It has been a creative journey that has gone smoothly, but also because my drawings have much relation with photograhy.

CM: Would you say that drawing is your personal calling or is it a hobby?

LG: Drawing and painting has never been a hobby for me, in contrast, it has always been my first passion. But eventually life catches you and teaches you to delve into other things, in other fields. And now the art world is a whole, I find even more normal to be prepared and to know how to do a bit of everything. That is also why I'm a photographer and model, or I am interested in makeup, hairdressing, fashion ...
For me there is little distinction, if things are well done, with the heart , everything can be considered an art form.

CM: Then, this vocation has always been there?

LG: Yes, since I was 5 or 6 years, I think, when a person's character begins to form.
My teachers, my parents, my friends; everybody told me ... since I was young I had to study at an art school, because I was good at it. And the truth is that it was very sensitive to the art world. And so it has been, I've played a bit all branches, but always the same tree: art. And I´ll continue that way ( I hope!) just if the bad moments dont bring me down. My doctor wants me not to give it up!(laughters)

CM: To many artists, is at this moment of sadness when they work the hardest.

LG Yes, we could say the same happens to me. It is in those moments when I feel like drawing more, if not more, I find it easier to express all emotions.

CM: In your latest works, which are fantastic, you've drawn only male bodies, when will you draw women bodies?

LG: (Laughs) I have great respect and admiration for what is "the world of women" but I think pictures of them there can never be, especially in this series in particular. More than anything for the simple reason that it is not something that represents, or what is my project, nor my desires and fantasies.

CM: what did inspired you?

LG: more than just inspiration, in these drawings, my intent was, and is, bring to life those who in my childhood were my imaginary friends (i had so many and they were all super cute), all boys.
Every time I see or find a picture usually say that it is she who chose me, inspires me.

CM: Sometimes inspiration comes without warning but sometimes it's hard to concentrate, what would you do for your inspiration to come?

LG: Okay, I close my eyes, I squeeze my head with my hands and say: "Luca think, think, think ...". (Laughs) No, just kidding! I do not know, we spend all the time planning things, organizing everything. I take inspiration as a moment, a natural and spontaneous feeling. I do not do anything special, not a ritual or anything like that, I try not to get it, or overwhelmed when I can not find it... But if I want to inspire I look, smell, touch... there is plenty of things to inspire you

CM: And once you've found it, what are your techniques for drawing?

LG: Most of my drawings, especially the last ones, are made in pencil, of different hardnesses and onion paper. But in the past I often used to paint with watercolors and acrylic.
The oil was more in the period of school, I usually get tired soon of the things I do, so I use techniques rather fast and "dry." And yet, as you can see, many of my drawings are unfinished, but that's because for me they are already finished, that's how i work.

CM: These drawings, some of them unfinished, do they reflect some part of your life?

LG: Yes, especially reflect my childhood and early adolescence. They do not reflect the time after puberty because, over the years, I was able to make real some of my desires.

CM: For a person like you, who controls all branches of art, what's more difficult; to draw or posing in front of a camera?

LG: I suppose that drawing is more difficult, because you have to be careful: taste. good technique and all that stuff, at least for me. It is much easier to pose in front of a camera, I'm much more outgoing in front of the lens of a camera. I have to make no effort, apart from bear the cold, from time to time.
Drawing is also a natural fit for me and my passion, but it's something where I have to put more effort and determination, and therefore consider I it more complex.